Comprehensive legal support of your Business

Comprehensive legal support of business in Russia

legal support of business includes:

Creation of a business

Depending on the type of economic activity, we will register an LLC or joint-Stock company in the Russian Federation.


Labour law

Registration in the staff. Registration of employment contracts. Employment orders. Staff list. Development of internal labor regulations and other issues related to employment.


Contract law.

Development of contracts for working with contractors. Checking contracts. Analysis of contracts. Drafting of protocols of disagreements to agreements. Conducting negotiations with contractors. Settlement of disputes with contractors.


Conducting cases in the courts. Protection of the company's interests in the courts. Claim work. Business correspondence. Pre-trial settlement of disputes.


Comprehensive legal support

Comprehensive legal support is necessary and convenient for companies that do not employ a lawyer. This saves You money. With comprehensive legal support, you get the help of several specialists in different areas of law at once

Cost of legal support

The cost of legal support depends on the volume of work, the quantity of employees involved, the cost of contracts and many other nuances

We discuss the scope of work and the cost of legal services together

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