Liquidation of organizations

Liquidation of your company or closing of a company with debts

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Here are some options for liquidating your LLC:

Voluntary liquidation

450 USD + expenses


about 3 month

What is included in the cost of liquidation services LLC?

  • Drafting of documents;
  • The liquidator is your Director;
  • Submission and receipt of documents for liquidation;
  • Submission of an announcement to the messenger;
  • Preparation of a notice of interim and liquidation balance sheet;

Liquidation of LLC through sale

1200 USD + expenses


1,5-3 weeks

What is included in the cost of liquidation services LLC?

  • Buyer search
  • Preparation of documents for the transaction;
  • Submission and receipt of documents;
  • Obtaining documents confirming the transfer of all the rights and obligations of your company;
  • Debt restructuring;

How we work?

1. We conclude an agreement with you.

2. We receive from you the necessary information to close the LLC.

3. We begin the liquidation of LLC.

4. We complete the liquidation of your LLC.

5. We transmit a notice of deregistration of the LLC or documents on the transfer of rights and obligations of the company.


+7(937)000-50-25 (whatsapp, telegram)

Information about liquidation:

1. Liquidation of LLC in Kazan.


The participants, or the sole participant of the liquidated LLC, decide on the liquidation of the LLC in Kazan on a voluntary basis. The same decision usually appoints a liquidation commission and elects its chairman or, as an option, the liquidator of the LLC. From the moment such a decision is made, the liquidation commission represented by the chairman or the liquidator is a person entitled to act without a power of attorney from the liquidated limited liability company. So, to close the LLC for a start, we make a decision about this.


2. To close the LLC, we inform the tax about the decision to liquidate the company;


We inform the tax authority about the decision to start the liquidation of the LLC by submitting a form with the decision on the liquidation of the LLC and notification of the appointment of the liquidation commission or liquidator. From the IFS we get a record sheet with information that the LLC is in the process of liquidation.


3. To close the LLC, you need a publication in the Vestnik;


You must notify all known and possible creditors about the liquidation of your LLC, even if there are none, this is required by the legislation of the Russian Federation. This happens by submitting an announcement to an authorized publication.


4. Notification of known creditors;


Additionally, the LLC is obliged to notify in writing of the beginning of the procedure for its liquidation of all creditors known to it.


5. Tax audit of the liquidated organization


- The tax authorities have the right to conduct an on-site audit before compiling the balance sheet of the liquidated LLC.


- At a minimum, you need to conduct a documentary reconciliation of the submitted reports, as well as a tax reconciliation of debts and fines;


- If there is a decision on the on-site inspection, it is impossible to submit documents to the interim balance sheet, and it will not work to close the LLC.


- It will not be possible to close the LLC in the presence of pending litigation;


6. Delivery of the interim liquidation balance sheet


- The approval of the interim balance of the liquidated LLC is submitted upon the expiration of the established period (from the date of publication of the announcement in the Bulletin).


- If there are legal proceedings in relation to the company being liquidated, it is also impossible to submit documents for approval of the interim liquidation balance sheet.


- If these conditions are met, then you can submit a form on the approval of the balance sheet and hand it over to the tax, you leave the balance in your documents.


7. Close the account of the LLC.


Just go to your bank and close your current account. No one needs to be notified. Closing a current account is best after all reconciliations, since often there is a need to pay penalties or fines, which are faster paid through a current account, rather than pay on behalf of the director (sit longer).


8. Notification of the preparation of the Liquidation balance of the LLC.



After receiving a notice from the tax that your interim balance is registered, proceed to the formation of the liquidation balance sheet and the submission of documents for the liquidation of the LLC.


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